Ingress gear codes

Feby 21, 2020
ingress gear codes

ingress gear codes

The official e-commerce store for Niantic Gear. You don't have any collections to show here. Add some collections to go along with the default Frontpage.

I just got into Ingress and being in a rural area dominated by the other team I figured I'd need a lot of items to make a difference. That's when I discovered passcodes! Cue several hours of searching the internet for old codes, testing them, and building a quick spreadsheet to organise them.

The world around you is not what it seems. Our future is at stake and you must choose a side. Join my faction in Ingress - a global game of mystery, intrigue and conquest.

In Ingress, most passcodes expire after x amount of uses. However, occasionally Niantic releases passcodes that last for a very large number of uses! Here we provide you with a list of those passcodes that we know of. We will...

If you find a code that doesn't work, please call it out in the comments! :o) ada9yv83mp5 algorithm9gh35cj3 bletchley9ob65ca4 cassandra2yu3scp6 conflict5av38pw2 Field5jk36yh6 Johnson3fx84aw9 Lightman8nd48zb2 message5ka73rp4 portal7cc88cd2 resonate3yd72he7 vi8zu85il7 vi9bb02fk7 Cube8aa87xd2 eVoLvE7Yo65nm9 phillips6wc29mc7 blue3dg99cm6 Voynich6sx52zr5 …

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Welcome to the world of Ingress, Agent. The discovery of XM, a mysterious resource of unknown origin, has sparked a covert struggle between two distinct Factions. Choose your side and band together with Agents of your Faction to hold your ground, share resources, and explore this strange world.

The benefits that will give you our Ingress-Shop. The first ingress-shop 3RD FACTION is a 24 hours sale of INGRESS ITEMS at lowest prices set by the agents themselves. To place an order, it is enough to choose what gear you need and buy it in the right amount, …

Our store is the safest place to buy Ingress gear. Here are safety notes, which could help you to avoid any actions from NIA and to keep your mood: We use your capsules to deliver your order. Drop a prompt amount of empty capsules first, and we will load and drop them back in a few minutes.

People won't work on ingress for free out of the good of their heart. Real people have real bills to pay and they still have to eat. You either pay for the game upfront or in transactions in game, or a subscription service to the game. ... Gear codes are cool because while it's purchasing this year, you could still sit on it …

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